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Why You Should Spice Up Your White Ceiling

There aren’t many things that achieve a clean, crisp interior design better than white ceilings. But while white ceilings can offer comfortable neutrality to your home design and create a sense of tranquility, they also need some flavor to better round out your rooms and bring some much-needed warmth to your home.

As a premier provider of residential painting for clients living in or near the Greater Toronto Area, York Painting Group offers the paint colours and textures you need to give your home’s plain white ceilings more character. Let's take a look at how you can spice up your white ceilings to bring the rest of your home interior to life.

Make Small Rooms Appear Bigger

Rooms with few furnishings and lots of empty space can actually feel pretty small if they have white ceilings. Luckily, painting your ceiling the same colour as your room’s walls can create the illusion that your room is larger and that the ceiling is higher than it really is.

Paint colours for your ceiling that are similar to your room’s walls and furniture catch people’s eyes and immediately pull them upward, making it seem like the room has more depth and square footage than it does relative to its actual size. At York Painting Group, our painting experts can recommend the best paint colours and textures to give your rooms the impression of more size and space.

Bring Warmth To Rooms With Warm-Toned Colours

Warm-toned ceilings instantly bring rooms to life and contrast well with dark-coloured walls. This is especially true if you have a large room with a white ceiling and dull, darker walls. Painting your ceiling with warm-toned colours to warm up your room and invigorate the colour of your walls.

If you’d prefer to keep your ceiling colour closer to its original white shade, consider tinging it with a creamy-like beige colour, which is pleasant in rooms that use natural wood. Lighter, warmer ceilings also make pillows, throws, curtains and counters pop if they use materials like wrought iron or natural wood.

Add a Contemporary Feel To Your Home

If you're going for a modern look and feel in your home, medium and dark-coloured paint tones can give you the contemporary aesthetic you're looking for. Rich, dark colours can add a highly sought-after interior design that is seductively chic and oozes modernity.

When going for a modern aesthetic, choose colour tones for your ceiling that are slightly darker than those for your walls. This popular home design trend makes the furniture seem cozier and the rest of your room more inviting. York Painting Group offers a range of popular colours for ceilings to provide them a contemporarily chic aesthetic.

Add Contrast With Darker Colours

Dark colors for your ceiling are a simple way to contrast it with white or light-colored walls and furnishings. On top of this being a great way to make your room more chic-looking, it's an easy way to take advantage of your room's existing colours without changing them up. York Painting Group offers tons of dark colours that pair perfectly with white or bright walls for the perfect colour contrast.

Contact York Painting Group

When it comes to finding the right paint colours and textures to use for your white ceiling, it can be tough to pick from all the options available. That's why our team at York Painting Group takes the time to understand each and every one of our clients' home design goals before we give them our professional recommendations.

If you live in the GTA and are ready to liven up your home's white ceiling, don't wait any longer than you need to. Contact York Painting Group today by calling us at 416-302-2069 to learn more about our painting services.

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