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York Painting Group is the premier service for residential painting contractors in Toronto. When it comes to general painting, wall covering, specialty finishes and home improvement, we at York Painting Group are without a match. 

Our offices are located in Nobleton, near King Creek and Wingberry farms. This means that our painters are centrally located and able to travel to wherever our clients need us.


For over 20 years, York Painting Group has been led by Founder and Master Painter, Pasquale Corriero. We have evolved into a second generation legacy, having transformed the interiors and exteriors of numerous high profile projects including residential, commercial, custom builds and charity initiatives. Quality and integrity are important to us.

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Projects include interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting, wall covering, specialty finishes, emergency repairs, home improvement, custom homes and property staging



We travel all over Ontario and love hearing your feedback. It's what drives us. 



We provide commercial painting contractors in Toronto and are familiar with working in both cities and rural areas.


We serve many areas within Ontario and we are known for working on the schedule of our clients. Thanks to a long history of taking pride in our work, we’re also the best painters in North York. 


If you are a resident of Ontario who lives anywhere near Toronto, you’re in our target market. Our Mississauga painting contractors are among the best in the region. If you’re not sure whether we cover your area, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.


Our customers are members of local Ontario families, members of the Canadian Forces and local businesses. We work with a wide range of consumer, institutional and private customers and we strive to understand the needs of each of our customers in-depth so that we can serve them effectively. 


Regardless of whether you need general painting services at a small scale or extensive assistance with your home improvement plans, we here at York Painting Group are prepared to render our services at an affordable cost. 


Before we begin to paint for any of our customers, we can generate a quote for them to guarantee that the cost of our services will fit their budget. Likewise, we always strive to deliver our clients with the high-quality service that they expect from our brand.


Our services include specialty finishing, home improvement assistance, residential painting, commercial painting, general painting, wall coverings and interior or exterior finishings. 


No matter your painting needs, our contractors will be up to the task. We offer a wide variety of specialty painting services, as well as aesthetic suggestions for your interiors or exteriors. Feel free to contact us to ensure that we can meet your painting needs. 


We promise that whenever you reach out to us for assistance with your painting needs that we’ll treat you with the respect you deserve regardless of the size of your request or the length of the assignment. 


Whenever you work with us, you’ll understand why so many of our customers in Ontario turn to us for painting. Our contractors are friendly, hard-working and excellent at what they do. If you give us a chance, you’ll find that we’re passionate about delivering the very best painting services in the Greater Toronto Area.



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     Domenic Corriero 
     Tel: 416-302-2069
     Mon - Sat, 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.


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