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We actively practice the art of evolving our craft. Elevate with these feature finishes. 

Venetian Plaster & More…

Venetian Plaster involves the application of several thin layers of plaster to create the desired decorative wall finish. Appearance and texture come in a variety of patterns with a vast spectrum of colours to choose from. Designs can be featured on one accent wall to add prominence or be applied to an entire powder room, kitchen backsplash, shower stall, walk-in closet, personal home theatre, recreational areas, floors—the possibilities are endless. For a timeless, durable and easy to maintain finish, this solution is a celebrated favourite.

We select quality products sourced from the very best the industry has to offer. Our portfolio is currently being updated. Stay tuned for more!

Contact Us: 416-302-2069

At York Painting Group, we are your leading experts in the GTA -- offering Venetian Plaster and custom finishes in addition to our painting services. For a no-obligation quote, contact York Painting Group today by filling out our online contact form or calling us today!

Our Contractors

Our contractors serve the Greater Toronto Area, as well as Ontario as a whole and our team is ready to serve you. 


We take pride in having the friendliest and most efficient contractors and painters in the GTA. Our contractors show up on time, complete jobs on-budget and are veritable experts in customer service, as well as all things related to the work. 


At York Painting Group, communication is also our strength. At every step of the way, our team members are always happy to keep you updated on how the process is going, what they’ll need to do next and how the current actions fit into the larger whole. We know that our customers want our workers to flourish and our contractors, in turn, want to do their part to keep our customers at ease during the process. 

We also take pride in maintaining a safe and responsible working environment for our staff. All of our staff members are trained and competent meaning that you won’t need to worry about a contractor becoming injured while working on your property. 


Whether you are concerned about contractors protecting your home from paint or ensuring that your schedule is maintained for each day of work, they’ll be willing to work with you to address all of your needs. 


All of our contractors have been well-reviewed by our customers. In fact, many of our contractors have generated repeat business from prior clients.


If you want to suggest one of our contractors to one of your friends, family members, or coworkers, we will consider your recommendation as high praise.


    Give us a call 

     Domenic Corriero 
     Tel: 416-302-2069
     Mon - Sat, 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.



            Serving King & The GTA 


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