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It’s Been A While

Hi everyone

It's been a bit since we've done a blog post . I am Domenic the second generation painter and entrepreneur. I've continued the business under York Painting Group , my dad is semi retired . Still working doing wallpaper installs . So now I've been learning different skill sets over the last little while . I've learned some content writing , keyword research , SEO optimization. Which this knowledge will help with the online presence .

Also like to introduce that with my experience over the years painting different homes . I have first hand have a good eye with colour . What will work in your home , so now I am helping people with painting consultations . Anyone who is like stuck on what colour will work I can help . So anyone looking for advice or paint colour consultation, I can coordinate it with your furniture . So I can transform your home or space .

My Goal is ultimately to make your painting experience efficient and put a smile on your face . Making you happy makes me happy and creates a great working experience . My mission is seeing the faces of people I've helped , and give them their pride of home ownership back . Feeling really great about their home .

Feel free to contact me or email at

Cell: 416-302-2069

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