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Why You Should Paint Your House Before You Sell it

To many, when preparing for a move, painting their home is the last thing on their minds. Don’t be caught making this common mistake!

While the other preparations like staging, renovations and making sure your home is spotless for each viewing are vital for a successful sale — a coat of fresh paint can certainly tip the scales.

Many ask the question: “should I paint before selling my house?” Good thinking! Read on and we’ll outline the main reasons why.

Resale value increases

Put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes. Imagine you’re driving up to a home you’ve had your eye on and you notice that the paint on the siding is dull, chipped and faded. Not only this, but the interior paint might have scuff marks and dirt on it.

You as the buyer may lose some interest in the property by imagining the full interior and exterior paint job you’ll have to do — not to mention that you’ll also be wary of what else may have been kept in poor condition. If you don’t lose interest, this may incentivize you to knock some dollars off your offer price.

This scenario has been played out in real life many times. It’s thought that a new coat of paint can add up to 3% to the final sale price. When you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, even the smallest of percentages add up.

So, where to start?

Exterior: Of course, you know that this is the first portion of your property that potential buyers will notice. Be sure that your siding has a fresh coat, the garage door, your front door, the porch, and any other exterior areas that need touching up.

Be sure that your paint job also echoes the quality and style of your neighbouring houses. If your garage door is an unsightly red that was last painted in the 90s, perhaps go for a more modern, muted tone.

Interior: If you're short on time or resources, focus on your kitchen, front hallway, and your washrooms. These are high traffic areas that involve a fair amount of effort to repaint, but the payoff will be worth it.

Most potential buyers don’t want to tally up a list of what they’ll have to do upon move in. Paint with neutral colours that will allow them to envision the space laid out as they would decorate and furnish it.

Consider the colours

When in doubt, neutral is always a safe bet. However, if you want to add colour, keep these tips in mind:

  • Light, peaceful blues, greens, purples are great for bedrooms — especially children’s rooms.

  • Vibrant colours (like reds and oranges) are ideal for dining areas and kitchens. It’s thought that these colours stimulate conversation and appetite.

  • Neutral sand and gray colours are best for living areas, as they ensure that furniture, fixtures and wall hangings can take centre stage.

Avoid painting if:

  • You know your siding needs replacing

  • You’ve painted within the last year

  • The cost of painting will outweigh the payoff

  • If your housing market moves quickly (homes in these areas will usually have an offer regardless of if you paint)

Call the painting pros at York Painting Group!

Considering painting before selling your home? Look no further.

We know moving can be a hassle, with plenty of tasks to take care of without needing to worry about when you’ll get that paint job done! Our experienced team is more than happy to take that off your hands.

If you’re based in Nobleton, get in touch with us by calling (416) 302-2069 or by filling out our convenient contact form!

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