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The Dos and Don’ts of Accent Walls

Tired of looking at the same old neutral colour palette inside your home? Not feeling energized or motivated by taupe, off-white or pale yellow? A painted accent wall might be

just what you need to refresh your space and give your home a substantial makeover.

First, let’s make sure we are all on the same page. If you’re wondering what an accent wall is, it’s typically known as a single wall in a room that is painted a distinctly different colour so that it instantly becomes the focal point. This technique can also make a room appear or feel larger than it is, which can improve its overall atmosphere. Simply put, an accent wall is a relatively small project that can make an enormous difference. If you are planning to paint an accent wall in your home, here are some dos and don’ts we’ve put together to help you along the way.

DO Select the Right Wall

The choice for the accent wall can depend on a variety of factors -- including personal preference, lighting and furniture arrangement. The way you select a master bedroom accent wall will likely be different than how you might choose the accent wall for a kitchen. You’ll want to choose the wall that your eye and intuition are drawn to and the one that makes the most sense for the setup of the room. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask family members or friends for their opinion.

DO Consider Your Existing Colour Scheme

While you do want your accent wall to stand out and make a bold statement, you still want it to complement the room and your home’s overall décor style. Your flooring is another factor to take into consideration. Make sure your colour choice will not clash with your floor’s style or colour. If you want to incorporate a few more touches of your accent colour within your room, we also suggest considering accessories such as throw blankets, pillows or area rugs.

DO Let Your Creativity Flow

An accent wall is not the time to be timid and boring -- go for it! Consider colours you otherwise wouldn’t -- perhaps something out of your comfort zone. You will likely find yourself pleasantly surprised. Perhaps your space will be complimented by a marble accent wall bedroom or a polka dot wall in your office -- think outside the box! There are no hard and fast rules that an accent wall needs to be painted one solid colour or that painting is the only option. There are also loads of techniques that you can have fun with, including marbling, sponging, striping, wallpapering, stencils... the list is endless!

DON’T Clutter Your Wall

The name of the game is to have your wall stand out -- however, you don’t want to overdo it. Make sure your wall colour or pattern complements your existing décor scheme and that it is not too busy. You’ll also want to be sure to not add too many paintings, photos or mirrors. Overall, your goal should be to strive for the aesthetics of the accent wall to be distinct, yet elegant.

Reach Out to York Painting Group Today We hope that these tips and common pitfalls will help you design and create the accent wall of your dreams! If you are still unsure, not a hands-on person or just prefer to leave it to the professionals, allow our experts at York Painting Group to help. Our team members are experienced, trusted and will treat your home and project as if it were their own. We work with our customers from the initial planning process right through to project completion to ensure complete satisfaction and top-notch quality. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking to make a statement in your home with a new painting project, contact us today.

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