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Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Paint

You may be surprised by the risks regular paint poses to the body and to the environment. In the short term, painting without opening the windows can cause symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Many people also suffer from allergies to paint, which can lead to both long and short-term symptoms.

Regular paints contain ingredients like formaldehyde, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are released into the air long after the paint dries, leading to health risks. A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives found that there was a causal link between working as a house painter and contracting lung cancer.

VOCs are also very damaging to the environment. They combine with other chemical elements to create ozone, which adds to the pollution levels. In addition, when paint gets poured into the drainage system, it creates contamination in bodies of water.

What is Eco-Friendly Paint?

This is non-toxic paint, which is free of volatile organic compounds. It’s composed of organic materials such as citrus, balsam, milk protein and clay. These products are much healthier to use in your home and have less or no odor. They are also microporous, which allows the walls to breathe.

In order to be certified as an eco-friendly paint, the product must meet standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, or non-profit organizations such as the Greenguard Environmental Institute. As there are many paints that call themselves environmental but aren’t necessarily so, make sure you check for the certified organic label. In addition, you should always look to see who it’s certified by and examine the list of ingredients carefully.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paint

Eco paint has several advantages over regular paint, besides the fact that it’s safer for the body and the environment.

  • It lasts just as long as traditional synthetic paints (and some claim longer)

  • It’s made from completely natural materials, with no VOCs

  • Eco-friendly paint doesn’t give off a potent odour

  • Using it supports a culture of sustainability

  • There’s a larger selection of colors than with chemical paints

  • It offers better colour retention and greater surface coverage

  • Eco-paint has a minimal risk of abrasion

  • It is suitable for everyone — including children, pregnant women, pets and people with allergies

  • Non-toxic paint is biodegradable

Where Can I Buy Eco-Friendly Paint?

You can find eco-friendly paint at any green-oriented paint shop, as well as through online retailers. The market for this product is still rather small, but it’s developed enough that you can access a wide selection of colours and even have your preferred shade mixed specially.

Is It Worth it to Buy Eco-Friendly Paint?

Using eco-friendly paint in your home is the best solution for your health and the protection of the environment. It will prevent you from risking dangerous VOCs in the air which could cause you harm. It also protects dangerous chemicals from getting into our lakes and rivers.

In addition, these are high-quality paints which last as long as synthetic paints and perform just as well. True, they are a little more expensive than traditional blends. However, the immense long-term benefits make it worth it.


If you’re thinking of doing some redecorating in your home, consider using eco-paint for its many benefits. It protects the environment and also prevents you from having any short or long-term health issues due to the paint on your walls.

At York Painting Group, we’re here to help you with all of your painting needs. Contact us today to discuss painting your house using eco-paint if you’re interested. You can also take a look at our website to see the range of services we offer.

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