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Colours You Should Use for Low-Light Rooms

One of the challenges of house decorating is painting a room that gets very little natural light. It can be a tricky process, as some colours — particularly the cooler colours — will only make the room look smaller, darker and unfriendly. Some of the best paint colours for rooms with low light are warm hues that open up the space and make it look inviting. These are shades that lighten up the room, so that the lack of light is not as noticeable. Fortunately, there are paint hues that can perform this function very well. Here, we’ve listed some of the best colours for low light rooms:

Chocolate Brown

This is a warm, inviting colour that’s perfect for a low-light living room. It’s ideal for a space where you may entertain and can be very welcoming for guests. You’ll hardly notice the low amount of light in the room.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is a friendly, happy colour which brightens up a whole room. In fact, it can make the room look sunny — as if there were more light available. No doubt, this shade may help to improve your mood as well. In addition, it may make the room appear bigger.

Powder Blue

This is a bright, cheerful colour that can also have an impact on your mood. There’s evidence to indicate that this shade calms the mind and helps you deal with stress. It can lower anxiety levels, decrease your blood pressure and even slow down your heartbeat. In all, powder blue will cheer up a low-light room and make it seem brighter and more inviting.


Some people think grey is a dull colour, but it’s actually a very relaxing hue that can create a warm atmosphere in a low-light room. It’s also a colour that tends to relax people psychologically, making it ideal for a low-light living room where you may entertain friends or family.


Some people consider this a shade of gold. Whatever you call it, this colour works perfectly in a low light room. It can really open up the space — and, like pale yellow, the light hue can make it seem as if there is more light available in the room than there actually is.

Lime Green

This is a cheerful, happy colour that’s ideal for a room that you’re trying to brighten up. Lime green is a colour that can make you feel alert and energized. It can also promote creativity and motivation. Lastly, like yellow tones, the brightness of this shade will make the room look bigger and brighter.


There are various different shades of lavender — and they all work well to brighten up a room with low light. This is one of the best colours for low light rooms. Lavender is a peaceful shade, which can induce calmness. Many people recommend mediating in a room with this colour. Painting a room lavender will also lighten up the space and provide a relaxing environment.

Bright Orange

Bright orange will electrify the space and give it some energy. It can also brighten the room considerably, as well as make it look larger. It’s a very strong, attention-grabbing colour that makes for a special room and works perfectly in low light.


Pink is a lovely shade for a low-light room. It’s bright and happy and it will make the space look lighter and larger than usual. You can choose an electrifying, energizing pink or a lighter shade that’s more subtle. Like purple tones, pink is also a colour that is very calming to the spirit.


Now that you’ve reviewed thebest paint colours for rooms with low light, we hope you’re ready to make decisions about your next home painting project!

Once you’ve selected your colours,contact us at York Painting Group and let us do the hard work for you. Our team of painting professionals have the right know-how and experience to transform a room into the perfect space — whether it’s to entertain guests, work or relax. You can also learn more about our services to see which works best for you!

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